Friday, 22 April 2011


So the cover,
which for any publication is very important, it's the first thing the public sees as they view the book shop shelf or view online.

for this project I drew 5 ideas in all ,
I usually draw four cover roughs and then send to the Editor to approve ,or for comments ,
Clive Bryant liked version 1 for the plain text cover a simple pose of Hamlet holding Yoricks skull with the Dutch castle in the background.

Clive liked cover number 2 as it showed all the main players in the play and also looked like a movie poster but wanted to see Hamlet's sword raised and the death skull replaced by Hamlet's Fathers ghostly head so i drew another version and this was decided as the cover for the original text and quick text covers , both chosen cover ideas work well and have been penciled by David Lorenzo Riveiro

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