Sunday, 24 April 2011


These pages where drawn as a guide for David to follow while penciling.

the layouts are roughly drawn but give enough details of the story and flow of action, facial expressions.

you can see page 4 is totally landscape with the panels this grid works very well with large text balloons for Shakespeare.

the play starts with the guards and Horatio seeing the ghost of Hamlets father, you'll notice i tipped the angle of the view of the ghost on the last panel on page 3 to add drama and to make the page look more exciting.

as you can see in pages 7 and 8 I've played around with the layout to add drama to the pages and to keep the excitement building , I learned these tricks by looking at the works of Frank Bellamy's and Alan Davis , John M Burns, Mike Noble, Todd McFarlane, George Perez, Gil Kane

A good comic artist must also be a good story teller as in able to tell the action /scenes without help of the balloons
varying camera angles also helps make the story more interesting to the reader , views from above looking down ,views from the ground looking up, close up's, mid shots.
all these techniques used for the cinema are also used by the comic artist.

as you can see I've added the word balloons on the roughs as this also helps the letterer when the finished artwork  gets lettered.When the rough layouts have been approved by Editorial they are then sent to the penciler David Lorenzo Riveiro.


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