Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Scene 1 Act 5 has 10 pages of layouts ,
these where a lot more fun to design and draw, due to the fact it was all about Hamlet's Father his story his suffering and torment and death at the hands of Claudius.

i drew Lot's of close ups of  faces showing emotion to draw the reader in  ,especially of Hamlet's Father which i think work very well. it's the job of the artist to entertain the reader with visuals that can summon up an emotion while the reader reads the story again similar to a movie directors work with an actor for a movie.

As you will see i tilted the camera angles on some frames to add a dynamic to the pages , the characters capes flow in the night wind to look more dramatic ,

also light from different angles can also increase the dynamics of a page and scene such as panels 152 page 35 and 174 page 39.

page 41 the grid again has the first panel the whole height of the page that bleeds off the edges this works well to show the ghost in the underworld and Hamlet ,Horatio and Marcellus running up the castles stairs.

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